Cyber Risk Assesment

A cyber security risk assessment is about understanding, managing, controlling and mitigating cyber risk across your organization. It is a crucial part of any organization’s risk management strategy and data protection efforts.

Why businesses in UAE need it-

  • Reduction of long-term costs: identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities, then working on mitigating them has the potential to prevent or reduce security incidents which saves your organization money and/or reputational damage in the long-term
  • Provides a cyber security risk assessment template for future assessments: Cyber risk assessments aren’t one of processes, you need to continually update them, doing a good first turn will ensure repeatable processes even with staff turnover
  • Better organizational knowledge: Knowing organizational vulnerabilities gives you a clear idea of where your organization needs to improve
  • Avoid data breaches: Data breaches can have a huge financial and reputational impact on any organization
  • Avoid regulatory issues: Customer data that is stolen because you failed to comply with HIPAA, PCI DSS or APRA CPS 234
  • Avoid application downtime: Internal or customer facing systems need to be available and functioning for staff and customers to do their jobs
  • Data loss: theft of trade secrets, code, or other key information assets could mean you lose business to competitors
SOC as a service

​If you are a small or mid-sized business with an average network security plan, you are 70% more likely to be hacked and have a 50% chance of losing your business.  Small and mid-sized businesses are considered soft or easy targets and an attack can cost the company anywhere between $120,000 – $2 million. Unfortunately, most businesses that have been attacked shut down within 6 months of a cyber attack. 

We now offer our SOC services in one portable and affordable device called WatchTower S.M.A.R.T 365 SOC in a Box! Get threat detection and alerting abilities of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), 24×7 Network Monitoring of your network infrastructure and detection of anomalous employee activity with Data Leakage Prevention, all in one Box. This aims to reduce staff requirements, remove redundancies and lower your cost of a breach by transferring risk.

Unique value add for this service-

  • No Contractual obligation
  • service activation and protection in less than a day

End point protection

EDR solutions currently on the market generate large volumes of data and customers find them complex and overwhelming. While the IT industry continues to face a human InfoSec skills shortage, these complex EDR solutions demand highly skilled, dedicated security experts for the organization to realize a full return on those investments. Many EDR customers find that they are unable to derive all the benefits from their EDR solution without either hiring an EDR specialist or investing in a managed service. Despite the complexity, these EDR solutions don’t remediate infections.


Unique value add for this service-

  • Protect against all stages of an attack (pre and post-execution)
  • Gain powerful insights into endpoints and threats
  • Reduce mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • Rapidly detect and isolate to prevent lateral movement across environments
  • Avoid the need to hire, train, and retain a dedicated EDR specialist
  • Save time and cost associated with reimaging endpoints
  • Roll back up to 72 hours of damage caused by ransomware attacks
  • Simple to deploy and easy to manage
Email Security

While a lot of vendor change the MX records , there are with No change to MX records means that it is impossible for hackers to see if an organization is using  to secure their cloud. At the same time, the seamless security doesn’t interrupt user experience in cloud applications.

our solution catches threats in connected cloud applications like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Teams.

maps the user, file, and permission conditions of each cloud into a single threat management interface. This enables universal policy control across different SaaS applications.

Benefit with CBT cloud service approach
  • Vendor Neutral approach to modernize your on Premise infrastructure to support Cloud architecture and multitenant design.
  • Complete managed services offering design , implement and manage.
  • Better Security with Security operation as a service 24×7 uptime.
  • More flexibility—your organization can customize its cloud environment to meet specific business needs.
  • Performance driven contracts.
  • Reports per consumption.
Identity and Access management

This is also used with solutions like Privilege’s access management and Privilege identity management

Achieve strong security and more convenience with a solution that can help support all your apps and identities.

Deploy Zero TrustAssume every resource is on the open internet. Protect users, devices, apps, infrastructure.

Modernize identity- Retain and expand existing infrastructure while gaining the scalability and security of cloud identity.

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