Compute Solution On Premise

Choice of right Compute ( rather Server) is different for each application load. It changes with time .

Hence it is important to talk to experts to understand which server of DELL , HP, Super micro may fit the needs.Ever Since the launch of Microsoft 2016 licensing based on the number of cores, incorrect sizing of the server will be a bigger spend that the hardware itself. CBT recommends proper sizing and growth options to be considered.There are a lot of myth about choosing the right hardware. We keep writing about it.We have one of the biggest port folio for DELL EMC products.We have one of the biggest port folio for DELL EMC products. There are so many opportunities. We at CBT, handle this requirements and share valuable insights with our customer

Storage Solution on Premise

Perhaps they are the storage tanks for the IT industry today. Storage solution are design to prepare as each requirement may vary depend on Video, File storage or for Analytics.

Choice of evaluation critaria will vary

  • Block Storage or object storage
  • Structured data or unstructured
  • Primary production data
  • Backup data Storage
  • Archival data Storage
  • Scale out NAS for video footage
  • Disk IOPS (RPM / SSD)
  • Capacity
  • Scalability
Virtualization solution

Virtualization can be sorted into various layers: desktop, server, document, storage, and network. Each layer of virtualization has its very own arrangement of points of interest and complexities. The innovation offers numerous advantages, including low or no-cost organization, full asset use, operational cost reserve funds and power investment funds. Be that as it may, conveying virtualization innovation requires cautious arranging and gifted specialized professionals. Since the virtual machines utilize similar assets to run, it might prompt moderate execution. Virtualization is the process of providing a level of abstraction between the system hardware and software applications running on them. It is the concept of dealing with ideas rather than communicating on the basis of events.

LAN/ WAN Networking Solution

The objective of a business network is to establish a stable connection between employees, customers, business partners and to important applications. CBT understands the importance of a business network and help enterprises in building cost-effective, high-performance networks for the past two decades. Effective information sharing and resource allocation, helps organizations save money and increase productivity.

CBT Team specialized in managing both Managed and Unmanaged Switches can effectively build you a high-performance network campus. Routers used to tie multiple networks together can be used to connect your networked computers to the Internet and thereby share an Internet connection among many users. We help you connect your business to the outside world, protect your information from security threats, and can even decide which computers get priority over others. CBT specialized in developing software-driven digital networking architecture from Cisco can evolve your organization beyond concepts of connectivity.

Our digital networking architecture can cover virtualization, security, compliance, insights, analytics and digital infrastructures. In addition to reducing your cost and complexity, we bring you scalability, manageability, and efficiency to your enterprise network.

Back UP Solution

RPO, RTO 15 minutes for all Applications & Data with Veeam Availability suite.

Why Backup Is Important For Your Business?

You have to ensure your business information. data backup and information recuperation are significant pieces of maintaining a business. Entrepreneurs acknowledge three things rapidly: all PC frameworks crash; all human errors; and fiascos happen all of a sudden or are least arranged for them. A business can be increasingly arranged with having information reinforcement frameworks set up. These data backup frameworks are practiced by either by utilizing an offsite server or utilizing separate drives to store enormous measures of data. Without these information reinforcement frameworks set up, data backup turns into a risky circumstance where numerous organizations lose data when the most noticeably awful occurs.

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