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How we created impact and turned ideas into reality for xpand?


How we created impact and turned ideas into reality for Xpand?

We certainly know that design is everything and thus with Xpand, we focused on ‘Creating content that people love’.

We helped Xpand build a positive brand language which helps it participate, boldly, in the business world. We make things that change things and thus, we created distinctive graphics that positively boosted the client interaction. Through our approach, we put heart and smart together and helped Xpand to be a thoughtful brand.



Xpand offers end-to-end business solutions for entrepreneurs who dream to set up a business in UAE. Through an experienced team, Xpand challenges reality and builds meaningful brands.

Supporting the thriving economy of UAE, Xpand inspires action and develops great brands. Supporting companies in set-up and their transformation, Xpand is a pioneer which never settles. They break boundaries and make leading-edge brands.



“The strategy, naming, and conceptual process was extremely rewarding, the thinking and creative execution just brought our whole business brand to life, allowing us to create a real stand out brand in the marketplace”

Nishad Gopinath, Managing Director – Xpand Business Sservices

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