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How we created impact and turned ideas into reality for xpand?


How do you propagate a conventional business to achieve groundbreaking success?

Knowledge Point is a leading consultancy firm based in UAE which syndicates indigenous knowledge with global experience.

The education industry is a highly competitive sector and it is difficult to thrive in the cut-throat competition prevalent in the industry. Despite the challenges, Concepts8 agreed to launch the Knowledge Point training institute and helped them secure a stable footing in the industry. We have been with them right before they took off and offered them the necessary exposure to shine in what they excel. Today, the institute is one of the leading training institutes in the UAE. They are recognized today for their best-in-class amenities and qualified staff. They have the drive to help students progress and excel in life. We empowered them with all the right strategies so they could establish themselves as future-creators of the students looking for the right training and guidance.

We helped them evolve from scratch by streamlining all the necessary processes. We gave them the name that they are recognized and cherished with. We took care of web development activities and marketing collaterals so that they could connect to the right audience. Our digital marketing skills and social media marketing helped them garner enough attention to take off. We have been through them since their business was just a mere idea. 





How did Knowledge Point Institute transform from a simple idea into a massive success?

Concepts 8 is devoted to breathing life into ideas and turning them to reality. We have backed several ideas and one such successful idea is Knowledge Point Training Institute in UAE. We carefully mapped the education sector in the UAE and studied the competition to chalk out an effective branding strategy. Our revolutionary marketing ideas have helped them earn the label of being the best training institute in the UAE.

Knowledge Point Institute has been training students to excel in all spheres and develop the right skillset apt for today’s competitive world. They believe in creating practical thinkers rather than supporting rote learning. They are offering innovative methods of learning to students and helping them step out into the world as independent and creative thinkers. Their proactive approach and personalized training courses have helped students shine academically and have also helped them to become industry-ready. We at Concepts8 made sure that we highlight the strong and unique points of the institute so that they could make a name for themselves and thrive despite the competition.



Concepts8 have been with us through thick and thin. It is because of their efforts that we could take off and fly consistently despite the challenges in the industry. They created a buzz about our business and marketed us effectively so that we could connect with the right candidates. Knowledge Point Institute owes its success to a brilliant creative team at Concepts8.

poonam koshy, Managing Director – knowledge point institute

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